Thursday, August 31, 2006

if you're not with us, you're against us

The Bush Administration strikes again! Donald Rumsfeld is out talking up the war in Iraq. He says we are confronting a new form of fascism. People against the war have not learned from history, and should study the rise of the Nazis. Rumsfeld is an ass.

Sorry, I know, ad-hominem attacks are really poor form. But he really really is an ass. While I might agree that terrorism is akin to fascism (although I think it stretches the point a bit), the country of Iraq was not bent on global domination. The country of Iraq was not attacking other countries. To compare our invasion of Iraq with the US involvment in WWII is ridiculous in the extreme.

Rumsfeld also complained that more attention was paid to US abuses in Abu Ghraib then on a single soldier being awarded the medal of Honor. Yes, our soldiers should get attention for their heroism. But our entire nation is held accountable for our abuses; the atrocities done by a few of our soldiers reflect on all of us. Attention should be paid, and abuses should be pointed out so they can be stopped. Rumsfeld's attitudes about torture make him unfit for the position he holds. He doesn't understand that our abuses make more terrorists. Our abuses give fodder to our real enemies and turn friends into foes.

He also continues to suppor the idea that if you are against the administration's actions, you are a traitor to America. Perhaps he needs to re-read the Constitution. Perhaps he needs a history lesson.


cl-sandy said...

Alas, the problem is he's taking a page from Lincoln's notebook. Lincoln shut down newspapers in the Northeast that wrote against the Civil War.

Kitten Herder said...

Rumsfeld is a yet another living example of tunnel-vision partisanship. His paranoia and rhetoric make HIM sound like a Nazi. While I am not a huge fan of the current administration, someone in power needs to wake up and smell the cat food. There should be no place in our leadership for such close-minded childish defensiveness. If the U.S. were to hire a PR firm (wow, we really could use one about now), they would recommend that we rid the upper echelons of such thinking, or at least have all public statements cleaned up. We have a real image problem which, as you pointed out, just breeds more enemies.