Thursday, June 26, 2008

court has clause trouble

The Supreme Court apparently has clause trouble. Seems the whole militia clause was ignored in today's ruling about individual rights to handguns. The Constitution guaranteed our right to have guns to serve in a militia, not to an absolute right to handguns. The DC ban on handguns has been struck down, even though handguns have no purpose in a militia and no purpose in a home other than killing folks. With something easily concealable.

If you want to defend your property, buy a shotgun. Handguns are an abomination in a civilized society. Oh right, we aren't civilized....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

nothing like other people's problems

There really is nothing like other people's problems to make you realize you don't really have any. A friend is struggling with her teen. Mine just thanked me for cooking dinner, because he realized that "he never thanks me, and he really appreciates all the great food I make for him" WOW!!!

I am bummed by a long series of physical therapy I have to have for my neck/near frozen shoulder (which is causing my elbow issues). And then I talked to a friend at the office who is getting traction for her neck and back 4 times a week. Now I don't feel so bad.

Really and truly, it's all good.

Friday, June 20, 2008

this is f***ed

Okay, this news bit is just f***ed up. Seriously. 17 girls at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts are pregnant. All are under 16. And they got that way on purpose. Because, you know, like, they made a pact. And that's like a promise, you know.

And like they can't get in trouble if they all do it, right? I mean, like, how could their parents get ticked off, when it's not just one kid, but like, a whole group of kids.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. And the school nurses just resigned. Because they couldn't get permission to dispense birth control to anonymous students. You know, you would think they not only would have been given permission, they would have been applauded. Because clearly these kids not only need access to birth control, they need COMPULSORY birth control...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new threats to American safety

Beware -- our national security is once again threatened. In San Francisco, the state of California permitted a lesbian couple to get married, after only 55 years together(!) And in Vermont, people are swimming nekkid. In front of children.

Make no mistake, our values are being threatened, being undermined by the great liberal - press conspiracy. If we don't fight them, what will happen next?

Good lord, people might become tolerant, or even worse, accepting of the rights of others. We might decide marriage is a good thing, even between two queers. And our kids might find out what naked people look like. That'll turn 'em into perverts. And then they might grow up and marry a pig, or a dog, or something.

So be vigilant. Defend our right to be narrow-minded, prudish Americans.

Monday, June 16, 2008

we're all fine!

Just a follow-up, for those of you who expressed concern. We were touched by all the well-wishes, btw. We are all okay.

My sweet husband is bruised, but on the mend. Some of the stitches come out tomorrow night and the rest go away on their own. He has to go back for some more dental work, but the worst of that is over.

My nerve tests came out okay -- I have triceps tendonitis and golfer's elbow and the swelling was pressing on the nerve. I'm scheduled for some PT, but I should be fine.

Thanks again to everyone who called and emailed!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

life interfering with my relaxation!!

Usually this is the time of year when I start to kick back and RELAX; enjoy the nice weather and more laid-back atmosphere.

Unfortunately, life is doing its best to keep things interesting. I am working half days this week to rest my elbow. More on that after my drs appt tonight. Our dear son is in the hectic last days of school, with ceremonies, half-day dismissals, parties and the like. So I am playing Chauffeur/Mom in a big big way.

And my husband did a face-plant off his bike last night. 2 hours in the ER, stitches, late night trip to the pharmacy. Today is the dentist and then new glasses (his got run over). He is miserable -- can't eat, can't get comfortable. I feel horrible for him. He is incredibly incredibly lucky though -- he wasn't wearing a helmet, and he landed on his mouth instead of his noggin.

I want a large lemonade and a damn hammock!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

status update

I got a 96 on my paper and an A in my Art/Mythology course. I have no idea how. I thought the paper was awful, and was counting on my presentation grade to pull me to a B or C....

My elbow is ulnar nerve neuritis. I have to have nerve conduction tests on Wednesday. This is not good news, nor is it terrible. It just sorta exists in short-term suckage...

The Spud, our wonderful son, graduates from 8th grade on Thursday. On to HIGH SCHOOL!!!

The weather has been beautiful. The spouse has been wonderful. Life is good, despite the bumps.