Friday, June 15, 2007


Not a typo. Folks at MIT have succeeded in powering a light bulb by electricity transmitted through the air. No wires. No wires AT ALL.

To me, this is amazing, science-fiction, world of tomorrow, type stuff. The idea is that eventually you could power all the electrical items in your home without wires, in much the same way that you can get an internet connection via WI-FI. So no more batteries, no more a/c adapters, no more chargers, for the cell phone, the pda, the laptop, the camera, the remote, etc. As long as you were close enough to a transmitter (or whatever they end up calling it), your stuff would just work.

I really really love this idea. And I love that they made it work. Now where the hell is my teleporter? I want MIT to work on that one.

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Kitten Herder said...

Being that I kind of work for this organization, I too am (reservedly) impressed. On the other hand, my inner Luddite would like to rear its ugly head. It bothers me a bit that all sorts of data (WiFi & cell phone) already zips around my body through the very air. Now, they want to ambiently charge the air so that our gadgets can get their juice? Um ... while it IS cool ... part of me is really bothered by this. Soon, we'll all be able to be Uncle Fester an put light bulbs in our mouths!