Thursday, July 19, 2007

in Communicado

I love to hang out in Communicado (and yes I know it's incommunicado, but it doesn't sound that way!). This weekend is a big one. I turn 45 on Sunday. We go to Otakon, the hugemongous anime/manga convention in Baltimore (22,000 plus attendees expected), and make my child the happiest child on the planet. And Harry Potter comes out!!!

I am significanly more excited about the Harry Potter book than I am about the other events. Not that I am not psyched up for the Con, it's just the LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK. EVER. AND I FINALLY get to see how it ENDS. I am going to read it all on Saturday night, even if I have to stay up all night to do it.

And you know what? When they open that Harry Potter themepark, I'm gonna go. I don't care if it is cheesy and commercial and and and. I am gonna ride the Hogwart's Express, and eat dinner in the main hall. I am, I am, I am.

Talk to you when I get back to reality, gang.

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Kitten Herder said...

Harry Potter theme park! That would be awesome. Worthy of a trip to merry ole England (though we're thinking of doing that in a year or so any way).

Is Cummunicado anywhere near Confusion? or Chaos? Perhaps near Nuendo? Perhaps Cognito? How about Tuit? Perhaps Sane? I've heard of plenty of folks who live in the State of Confusion, or State of Chaos.

Aren't words grand?

Enjoy the book. I plan on barreling through as much of it as I can this weekend. However, I am not the great book devourer that you are. It may take me a full week to get through it.