Tuesday, November 13, 2007

thirteen is not a man

Okay, this is for all the lonely teachers out there. Thirteen is NOT a man. You may feel affection for your thirteen year old student. It is only affection. It is not LOVE, not lust. You are NOT soulmates.

The teacher that ran off to Mexico with her 13 year old student was just fired from her job. Before now, she was on administrative leave, despite having crossed state lines with a 13 year old boy.

I admit that this whole story hit a sore spot with me. I am the mother of a thirteen year old boy. I have spent thirteen years protecting him, watching out for him, warning him about strangers, when I apparently should have been telling him his teachers are DANGEROUS. Seriously, as my son has gotten older, I have started to relax. I assume pedophiles like kids that look like, well, kids. So as my son matures, I have begun to think he is "safe" from this sort of creep. And then another thirteen year old gets abused by a teacher.

Enough is enough.

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Kitten Herder said...

Yeah 'this sort of creep' is attracted to thirteen year olds who look like young adults. They delude themselves into thinking that they are 'adult enough'.

So, I guess we're supposed to worry about one sort of twisted nut when our kids look like cute kids and another sort of sicko when I kids start to look like cute young adults.

Face it, they're never really 'safe'. But, at least in their teens you can try to counsel them about steering clear of overly personal relationships with people (teachers or otherwise) who are more than a few years older them.