Monday, March 02, 2009

good things

The DOW dropped 300 points today. It snowed. I'm cold. And you know what? Doesn't really matter. Things are good. GOOD. We have all we need. And increasingly, I am reminded what a big, big deal that is.

I was resentful this past week. Too much of my time had claims on it. I had work, and school, and our son had a ton of stuff to do. We had family stuff to do. And then it hit me -- I was cranky about good stuff.

I had family stuff to do -- I had family that wanted to spend time with us, and us with them. My son needed me to drive him places. Because he was serving dinner at a soup kitchen, going to a Habitat leadership meeting, worked in an East Baltimore park, prepping it for spring. I had classes to go to. Because I love going to school, and my work graciously pays for it. Poor poor me.

I had to go to work. Damn it. To a job I enjoy, with people I like, at a salary I only used to dream about. Poor poor me.

Sometimes I need to take a breath, and remind myself how damn good it all is.

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Kitten Herder said...

Sounds like you need one of those Jeep t-shirts, the one with "Life is Good" printed on them with some stick figure doing some activity. Cool!

Life is good. We are employed. Our kids are doing well-ish. We've been with our spouses well into double digit years.

Heck, we deserve ... an award!