Tuesday, March 07, 2006

everything old is new again

Everything old is new again. I read yet another article praising "thin clients", which bear a striking resemblance to the dumb terminals we went to PCs to get away from. Server cluster farms aren't much different from mini computers...
We have a White House that is paranoid [remember Nixon, anyone?]. We have political patronage again. The Washington Post reports that Kendall Ehrlich, first lady of maryland, has been working for Comcast. She was hired when her husband was on a telecom committee, and then re-hired when her husband became governor. Her job? An anti-drug "talk show". Her qualifications for this? None.

And now, my favorite. Ma Bell. AT&T is re-acquiring parts that were split up in the 70s to break its monopoly. If its latest acquisition goes through, AT&T will have over 320,000 employees, and control land lines, wireless and more, in more than half the country.

Ah, nostalgia!

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cl-sandy said...

Well, the NEW AT&T started out as Southwestern Bell after the spin off in the 70s. It has slowly been buying up the regionals and recently its old parent company (which is how they acquired the old AT&T name). So, they ain't EXACT your old Ma Bell. Particularly as I don't think they are in any way likely to acquire Verizon, another of those mega regionals that spun off from AT&T.