Monday, March 13, 2006

nick of time

not the bonnie raitt album (although its a good one) -- the universe. I have been working on a difficult project since October. My days are all on overload, and what "free time" I have is sucked up by errands and school appointments and, and, and.

But in the nick of time for my sanity, the universe has provided salvation. SPRING!!! Buds on the trees, crocuses in bloom, warmer days, more light. It is AMAZING the difference this makes in my attitude. On Saturday, we dropped our son off to hang out at a friend's house, and then Bill and I went for a long walk in the woods. It felt so good. Sunday, I squeezed in time for breakfast and the paper out on our sun porch.

Vacation is coming in two weeks (thanks Universe!). My project is coming along. Its not done by a stretch, but I am pleased with the work I'm doing.

I *think* I'm going to survive. And with Spring here, I might even like it.


elsie said...

Welcome to the light at the end of the never-ending-project-time-suck tunnel. I'm nearly there, too, and the timing couldn't be better.

Ain't spring a wonderful time?

cl-sandy said...

I worked 7 days last week. Sunday was my first day off in over a week. I'll probably work part of next weekend too. All in the name of getting stuff done so that our members don't yell at me.

At least my bosses know that I'm working my tail off!