Thursday, May 11, 2006


Big Brother is watching. Really. Today's news announced that the NSA is building a database of all phone calls made in and from the United States. Who called who, when, for how long, every single phone call. They say its okay because they aren't eavesdropping on the conversations. Bullshit!!!! It is NOT OKAY.

It is none of the government's business who I talk with on my phone, in my own home. If you think I am doing something wrong, get a f***g subpoena and wiretap me. Until then, I have the expectation of privacy in my home. You can't monitor my mail, my email, take notes of who comes and goes into my house, and damn it, you can't monitor my life.

Bravo to Qwest, which is the only phone company to balk at turning over their records, citing privacy concerns. All the other phone companies have complied with the government's request.

I am an AMERICAN. I have rights, don't I?


cl-sandy said...

I agree.

While I have no problem with the phone companies keeping such records themselves, I frankly have no desire for those records to become a part of my government records, a searchable part of my past that could come up every single time I apply for a clearance of any sort. I don't want a record of how many times I've called my doctor to be government property. I don't want the calls I make to any charity to be a government record. I don't want the various calls to my bank to be government record.

If the government needs this information on me SPECIFICALLY, they should have to obtain a warrant. Instead, all they have to do is search a database for this information.

How much freedom are people willing to give up in order to feel safe? I'm beginning to think it's "all of it." What sheep!

changejunkie said...

I agree completely. People seem to think this kind of think will make them "safe". It can't, it can only make them "sheep". We are NO safer today than we were on Sept 10th. We just have fewer rights.

cl-sandy said...

I'm beginning to think our national anthem should go: "baaaaaaaaaaaa"