Thursday, May 18, 2006

oven set to pre-heat

According to new federal guidelines - I am pre-pregnant. My oven is apparently set to pre-heat, and I could pop a bun in there without warning. I had NO idea. Here I am, running around blissfully ignorant of my condition.

So, for my protection and that of any future, possible, unborn children, I am to be treated by my physician exactly the same as a woman trying to conceive. The same physician, mind you, who prescribes my birth control pills, and knows damn well I have NO intention of having more children, and am taking responsible measures to ensure this doesn't happen.

Now, I do understand that it is embarassing on a national level to have such a high infant mortality rate. And no one in their right mind wants more birth defects to occur. But perhaps, perhaps the solution should be education. Perhaps if everyone had the facts of birth control and conception from an early age, we could reduce the unplanned pregnancies that lead to the high rates of infant mortality. Educate people about pregnancy and what happens when you smoke, drink, take drugs. Help people battle addictions.

Treat women as thinking, adult people, and not like brood mares for the next generation. Our bodies are our business.


cl-sandy said...

Or better yet, ask those nations that have better infant mortality rates what they do right.

Kitten Herder said...

You just reminded me of something I had wonder about. I wonder if x-ray and dental technicians give lead approns to sterilized adults. Probably, since they probably don't have the time to note the breeding status of patients. However, you would think that your primary care physician would have the time.

Silly, silly world.

cl-sandy said...

The answer to robin's question is yes, they do. I had my tubes tied 6-7 years ago, and they still make me wear the dratted apron.