Monday, September 10, 2007

such a geek

I am such a geek! I just walked over to Staples and bought school supplies, for me. I still get tickled when I buy school supplies, just like I have every school year of my life. I got a new notebook, an accordian file thingy to put the notebook in, and new pens. There is something so enticing about a new notebook, with all those blank pages. It's all potential, all possibilities. And new pens, almost an invitation. In a month, it will be a mess, with papers stuffed everywhere, horribly cryptic notes that seemed really important at the time, odd doodles that probably reveal way too much about the state of my psyche, food stains, tea stains.

But today, today everything is fresh and new and ready for whatever comes.


Kitten Herder said...

Doodles are essential to the learning process. I would have never have passed Abnormal psyche if I hadn't had all those doodles in my notebook, some by me, some by my row mates. :D

Just had a great first class this evening myself. Not a single doodle.

elsie said...

I envy you, being in school. But not enough to actually enroll in something ... :)

Instead I spent that energy re-doing my office so I can actually read, work, meditate, and do art in there without tripping over everything.

My version of the new and empty notebook. Let's compare notes at the end of December, eh?