Wednesday, December 26, 2007

heeding the call

No, I'm not gonna be a minister, even if all my career testing says I should. But I am thinking of "heeding the call". I have had this vague, uneasy feeling off and on for the last year. I finally know what it is. It is the atheist version of the "call" -- I am being pressured by my own conscience to get off my butt and do something. The world is a mess, and I can no longer sit on my sofa and write checks, and feel I have done my part. I have to walk the walk, live the life, whatever. I have to find ways to inspire the good by doing good.

I don't have any idea yet what form this will take. It might be organized volunteering, or it might be a more chaotic individual effort. I figure that even if I only help one person, just one, the world is better off. Maybe I can start a movement, the "Just One" movement. If everyone takes on just one project, or just one person in an effort to make things better, it will actually GET better.

What do you think???

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Kitten Herder said...

Go for it! There is a voice in the back of my head as well. It says that money is the easy way out. It says that my time and spirit will make much more difference to the world, and to my own karma. Thus far, I have come up with plenty of excuses as to why I should ignore the voice. If you figure out how you are going to give into your 'call', I would love to hear the story.