Saturday, May 17, 2008

got my new toy

I got my new toy -- an Asus EEE PC. It's a fully-functioning laptop, running Linux. It weighs less than two pounds, cost less than $300, and is about the size of a paper-back book. It has built-in wifi and a very small qwerty keyboard. I got it for checking email, surfing the web and taking notes in class. It will also be my main travel PC.

I can't do programming on it. It really isn't suited to photoshop, typing for long stretches of time, or really serious work. So it's perfect.


Kitten Herder said...

This bears researching. It sounds like an arcane item, an actual 'notebook'.

Did you pick it up with the proceeds of your 'economic stimulus check'?

changejunkie said...

we actually bought the child a custom gaming PC with our stimulus check from (highly rated, very inexpensive gaming computers). He needs to be able to run animation software, a bunch of assistive software (text recognition, Kurzweil reader) and his laptop wasn't cutting it... my toy was cheap enough to just be a splurge!