Tuesday, May 06, 2008

same old song

I am still working on my paper on greek mythology. When I first started studying the myths, I thought the greek gods were outrageous in their misbehavior. Larger than life figures with larger than life failings.

I thought so, but recent news articles made me re-think that. Recently, an Austrian man was arrested for keeping his daughter imprisoned for over 15 years, and fathering six children by her. Persephone, maybe? Olympian incest?

A Baltimore teen was just convicted of raping and murdering his 4 year old cousin. Truly a headline plucked from Greek tragedy.

A polygamous sect was raided, in trouble for their practice of forcibly marrying off young girls to older men. Again, right at home in Athens, 500 BCE....

So do we ever progress? Are we stuck in the same place as our Greek and Roman forbears? Do we sing the same old song, over and over and over?

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Kitten Herder said...

But, hopefully, these days we decry such acts and do not create myths of glory out of them. (Zeus was a pig by today's standards.)