Monday, June 15, 2009

the company of women

I hate to admit this, but for most of my life, I haven't had much use for other women. For years, my guy friends outnumbered my girl friends. I work in a male-dominated field, where being "one of the guys" is a career advantage. And I've never been much of a girly girl. I think, though that I have short-changed myself.

When I got married, I entered inot the community of wives. I had more in common with the other women in my world. We had a wealth of shared experiences that came out of being married women.

When I had my son, I entered into another community, the community of moms. I suddenly had more in common with the other women in my office, and in the neighborhood. I found connections where I hadn't seen any before.

Now, as I age, and expand my universe of contacts, I am finding joy in the company of women. The commonality of experiences strengthens me, and my relationships. The resilience and kindness and intelligence, the fortitude and strength of the women I have met have added immeasurably to my life. Their humor keeps me sane, and their help keeps me going.

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Robin said...

I truly hear you on this. Until I was an adult (college), I did not truly trust females as friends. Like you, marriage and motherhood have given me more appreciation for the female friends in my life. OTOH, my closest friend in the last seven years is a guy, who sadly now lives in California. My best buddy at work is a guy. Though, most of my close friends from church are women. So, the balance remains. I guess I'll never really be one of the girls, completely. :D