Tuesday, June 02, 2009

where are the parents?

I have ranted on facebook, and now I will rant here. In the news yesterday, there was a piece on gangs of teenagers randomly attacking tourists at the Inner Harbor. There was also a piece about a 16 and 14 year old who were charged with beating another 14 year old to death.

In both pieces, the emphasis was on the police and how they should do more to prevent these kinds of crimes. And of how the schools should be more involved.

Where are the parents? Your children are not the police's problems. Your children are not the school's problem. They are everyone elses' problem because you are not doing your job. If you have children, you have a job until they are grown. Raise your kids! They don't have to be perfect, no one is. They just have to be law-abiding citizens. That's the bare minimum. If you can also provide them with education, life skills, and produce happy, well-adjusted adults, go for it. But honestly, we would all settle for moderately socialized, and law-abiding. We really would.

How did this get so out of hand? When I was a little kid, every adult raised you. Every single damn one. Step out of line in front of an adult, and someone would correct you. No question. And your mom and dad, they would not resent it. They would appreciate the help. Bring a note home from the teacher, and the question wouldn't be, what is that teacher thinking, criticizing my child? It would be, "what did you do?"

Maybe parenting should require a license. You know -- read the manual, pass a written test, maybe have to babysit and get graded on it. Whatever. Something so that every idiot with working reproductive parts can't just have a child. Because giving birth does not make you a parent. Nor is it the sum total of your parental responsibilities.

I don't think I am asking for too much. You have them, you raise them.

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Kitten Herder said...

I totally agree with, as I'm sure many would.

It does bring to mind a continuing trend in this country over the last several decades where everyone is trying to absolve themselves from responsibility for their own actions.

Simplest case that comes to mind: the woman whose crotch was scalded when she put a cup of hot McDonald's coffee between her legs, removed the lid, and started putting cream and sugar in it as the car (driven by someone else) pulled away from the drive-thru. It was obviously McDonald's fault. They should have served her less hot coffee. They should have also educated her not to put it between her legs and try to add stuff to the cup while the car was moving.

While I abhor smoking, I find it ridiculous for people to sue cigarette companies for health issues. The warnings have been on the packages for decades folks.

Different issue from the youth violence, no doubt. But it is a sad trend. Blame shifting and lack of responsibility.

Where are the parents? I think they should be locked up at the same time they are locking up the kids.