Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the new semester

The new semester has begun. I am taking just one class - From Jerusalem to Graceland. We are looking at sainthood, beginning with the byzantine saints, pilgrimages, relics, and ending with Elvis Presley and Graceland. It's thought-provoking, interesting,and just a heck of a lot of fun. Our class meets in what was the Walters family home, and is now the administrative offices of the Walters Museum. We meet in the parlor, complete with high ceilings, period furniture (except for our conference table), paintings, etc. It's definitely a treat.

I am already feeling pulled in too many directions, with too many time commitments. It
s not just a new semester for me. Work is heating up as we enter one of our two really busy periods. And our son has the busy schedule of a 10th grader. He can't drive yet, so I spend a lot of time schlepping him back and forth.

I have to admit that I love it though, even when it wears me out.


Kitten Herder said...

The class sounds like fun. Speaking of 'saints', I just finished reading "The 19th Wife". I recommend it. Nice juxtaposition between 19th century Mormon history and modern FLDS-ish based murder mystery.

What about saint Michael Jackson? Has he ascended to heaven just yet?

changejunkie said...

it is really fun. I'll check out the book. And it remains to be seen about St Michael, but I would bet on it... sadly