Wednesday, September 02, 2009

small changes

Sometimes, it's the small changes that really amount to something.

This morning, my fifteen year old son brushed his teeth without prompting. Then he packed a salad, A SALAD, for his lunch. I felt like I had won something. I'm not sure what, but I felt VICTORIOUS.

Today at lunch, I walked a quick mile, instead of web surfing. I got outside, felt the sun on my skin, enjoyed the cool spots of shade. Not a huge deal, not a real long walk, but I got moving.

Little things. Nothing earth shaking. But small changes add up. They really do.


Sue said...

A SALAD? What about microwaved frozen White Castles for breakfast? Fudge for lunch? Has a vegan zombie taken over my favorite nephew's body?

I guess he had to grow up sometime...

changejunkie said...

he still has cookies, or whatever for breakfast. But NOW he has a glass of milk and a multi-vitamin with it. HUGE PROGRESS!!