Monday, January 30, 2006

itchy feet

Some people get cabin fever, or spring fever. I get "itchy feet". I feel an overwhelming urge to go someplace. Maybe I'm nomadic deep down in my genetic code. And when I say "go someplace", I don't mean Vegas, or down de oshun (as they say here in Bawlmer). I want to go to Tanzania, or Madagascar or New Zealand. Someplace where I can feel, to my core, that I am someplace else.

the urge is powerful, almost all-consuming. I am drowning in travel brochures. I can't afford to go anywhere, but I have a credit card and it isn't close to maxed out. And its tugging, tugging at me, waves rushing from the shore. I wanna go, I wanna, I really wanna.



Kitten Herder said...

Some people keep their credit cards in a block of ice in the freezer so that they can only use them in emergencies. I am thinking that perhaps you should keep your passport (sealed in a ziploc baggie) frozen in a block of ice.

Then again, we live in a very diverse nation. There are tons of places you could go to in this very country where you would feel like you were on an alien planet. Think about it. (rural Arkansas, North Dakota, Utah, west Texas, many urban areas populated primarily with immigrants)

Heck, when I moved to NH from MD, I thought I had gone to another planet. (grin)

cl-sandy said...

I know!

Let's take a chick trip someplace fun! Leave the boys behind...