Tuesday, January 24, 2006

wrong turns

I think we've made a wrong turn somewhere. I read today that there is evidence the US "outsourced" torture. How can all this stuff be happening? At what point did we shift our public conscience to the point where we deny basic human rights, spy on our own people, become the "bad guys"?

I keep myself myself well-informed on current events. I vote in every election, local and federal. I contribute to just causes. I think I'm like most people in my basic wants: health and prosperity for me and mine, in a civil, just society. So what am I not doing? what are we not doing, that we have come to this?

Are we on an inevitable downward turn? I just can't accept that. I can't accept how things ARE. Now what??


Kitten Herder said...

I don't think we're more "bad" than we've ever been as a country. A lot of what this administration is getting chastised for are actions that previous administrations also undertook. However, there really are no secrets any more.

Not only can we as individuals not keep are actions secret from the government. The government cannot keep its actions secret from the rest of the world.

Secret torture? Covert support of heinous foreign regimes? Corrupt politicians? Not really news. The ease and the speed at which other people find out about it. That's news.

Should we allow ourselves to be disheartened by such revelations? I don't think so. You are doing the right thing. Continue to stay informed. Continue to support just causes. Continue to vote. Encourage others to do the same. Ignorance and complacency are the real enemies to our way of life.

Pardon me. I think I'm getting dizzy up here on this soap box. (grin)

elsie said...

Ditto what Robin said. None of this is new - but the current administration is seemingly blissfully unaware of both the ease of spread of news and of the consequences of its choices.

I'd say vote the bastards out of office, 'cause the next group can't help but be better, but I know better than to tempt fate that way ...