Friday, April 28, 2006

Its the weekend!!!

I have not outgrown that surging soaring feeling that I got when I was a little kid and the confined world of school would go away. The weekend is here!!! The world is full of possibility for two WHOLE days. I can spend my time the way I like, on my schedule, at my own pace. I can sleep late if I want. I can stay up late if I want. Stretch out on the sofa and nap if I want. Family! Friends! Movies! Music! Food! Outside!

Do retired people feel this? or is it a product of "confinement"? If I didn't spend a large chunk of my waking life under someone else's control, would I feel so great on Friday afternoons?

Time will tell.

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cl-sandy said...

I think you would feel great about the weekends, because even if YOU weren't employed, your friends are.