Sunday, April 09, 2006

playground wars, chapter two

Parenthood is weird. It has a way of throwing your own childhood back at you, with all the insecurities and difficulties that went with it. As my child's social life expands, it gets more complex -- for me. Sometimes I don't like a kid my child likes. On this one, I am pretty sure how to handle it. I keep a watchful eye, but that's it. I know enough to know to never never ever tell a child not to hang out with someone. It makes that person the most attractive person in the universe to them.

I'm on rougher ground with parents of friends. Sometimes I really really like them, which is great. Because then you can hang out with the parents, and the kids can hang together and everybody's happy. Sometimes, I can't stand the parents, but have to make nice, in the interest of making sure my child has a decent social life.

My current dilemma is a tough one. I really really like this kid's parents. And the kid really really likes my son. And my son, well he thinks the kid is kind of a jerk. So the parents call to arrange get-togethers for the kids. And I know I should say something. "I enjoy your company, but my son doesn't really click with your kid", but somehow those words just won't come out of my mouth.

I feel exactly like I felt when I was nine, when this kid I couldn't stand wanted to be my best friend. And I kept ducking her. But once in a while I would feel sorry for her and hang out with her. But I never could tell her that I just didn't want to be her buddy.

AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! This sucked back then, and it doesn't suck any less when its once removed. I hate being a grown up.

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