Monday, July 10, 2006

something new vs something different

I rolled out two new systems to my users at the end of last week. The new hires picked up everything with little effort, because they were learning something new. The old timers struggled because they have to learn different ways of doing something they already know.

This is where I made my discovery: it is much easier to learn somthing new than something different. It probably has something to do with habit. Once something is ingrained, you have to unlearn before you can learn.

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cl-sandy said...

I'm not so certain that is true. Those who are coming into the new database as new hires are exhibiting the same learning curve as those who had been here under the old system. The biggest difference seems to be more on age, not so much that older people have a harder time learning but rather that the older generations did not grow up with computers as we did, and so don't have the same comfort level. Those who are geeks on our staff picked things up easily & quickly. Those who don't work well with computers just don't get it.