Sunday, January 20, 2008

GO Chargers, GO Packers

My team, the Ravens, isn't in the post-season, leaving me to root for other teams today. And in a complete luxury, I am watching, not 1 game, but 2! Yup, football from 3pm - 9:30 or so. I am rooting for the Chargers, because they are the underdog, I dislike the Patriots, and my brother lives in San Diego and it would make him happy for his team to win. I am rooting for the Packers because I really like Brett Favre, and I would like to see him win it all this season.

Of course, I would have been happier being in the position to root for the Ravens. Now that we have a new coach, maybe things will improve. If nothing else, I love that they hired Harbaugh. Because he is my age. And they keep commenting on how YOUNG he is to be a head coach. I LOVE IT!!! He is making me feel younger already.
He also has lips. Brian Billick did not have lips, a fact that always reminded me of the Muppets. I don't want to think of Muppets while watching football. So things are looking up already.


Kitten Herder said...

Sorry about the Chargers. The Patriot dynasty lives on, and on.

changejunkie said...

I believe I will have to hold my nose and root for the Giants in the Superbowl. How painful is that?