Wednesday, January 16, 2008

way to go, Viriginia!

We are a country at war. We are in the midst of selecting our candidates for president. There is serious economic turmoil going on. So, what is Virginia concentrating on? Trailer hitch testicles. Yup, those fake rubber testicles you see hanging off some trailer hitches. Apparently we need a law banning them, at least in Virginia. Because a dad had to explain to his daughter what they were, and was uncomfortable. "Well, see honey, that truck has BALLS!".... so the dad complained to his State delegate.

A serious issue, definitely needs the state legislature involved. Same delegate, by the way, who wanted to ban low-sitting trousers.... I'm glad he's concentrating on what's important.


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Kitten Herder said...

Amazing. Makes me glad I live in NH. That nonsense would never fly in the land of "Live Free or Die". We don't pass frivolous laws. Heck, we barely enforce the ones we think are worth passing.