Wednesday, April 02, 2008

everything has a price

We have entered the Age of Whores. Everything has a price. The answer to almost any question that begins "for a million dollars, would you...?" is a resounding YES.

WTF??? How did we get to this?

Parents are letting their 6 year olds participate in Ultimate Fighting -- for money. Pimp out their 12 year old daughters to commercials and TV, for money. Let a camera follow them around, as they behave badly -- for money. Sell pictures they shouldn't have taken in the first place -- for money.

Where is the outrage? Why doesn't this piss us off? Why do we watch the shows (and yes, we do, in astounding numbers) and buy the products?

It's not a crisis in faith. That's crap. I have none, and I try to lead an ethical life. It's not a failure to spend time with our children. We spend more time with our kids now than any generation before us. And yet, we have become an unethical society. We have become a nation for sale.

How do we fix it?

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Kitten Herder said...

Each of us has to examine our own values and decide whether our behavior falls in line with those values. If I think that it's wrong for children to participate in mixed martial arts, I should not buy tickets to events that include children (or watch shows with such matches in them). Sadly, most of us do not think too seriously about our values. Also, most of us don't examine our behavior, we do whatever is convenient or feels acceptable for the moment.

How depressing. :(