Friday, April 18, 2008

never too old to rock, apparently

Apparently, you are never too old to rock. My family and I just attended a screening of Shine a Light, the Scorcese Rolling Stones concert documentary. WOW!! The guys in the band are all over 60 now. Mick is a dynamo on stage, un-freaking-believable in his energy and charisma. And for those who like Mick, yes, he is still HOT!!! Ron Wood was astounding on guitar. And Keith Richards, well, he has aged into a charming, charming, kick-ass rock-n-roller. Charlie Watts is solid and stolid on drums, just like always.

The show had a few guest performers -- Jack White, Christina Aguilerra and Buddy Guy. They were all terrific, and playing with the band seemed to energize them into better performances.

Scorcese did a great job of interspersing old interviews and media images of the band with the current concert footage. Age has not been physically kind to Mick or Keith, really; both look like they have had a hard hard road travel. But they have aged well. And they clearly still love what they do. You could tell how much they enjoy performing and being together on-stage. It's like they have found the fountain of youth -- and it's ROCK.

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