Tuesday, April 01, 2008

still a slacker....

Last night, we were talking about our term-papers. I mentioned that I didn't have a topic yet, but that it was fine, because it's not due for weeks... Bad move. Apparently, I am still a slacker. I am still of the mindset where I think it's hugely impressive that I actually show up for class. And do the reading.

Sigh. Really, I'm just not a "true" scholar. I am interested in stuff. Lots of different stuff. And I like to read a lot. But I hate being forced to focus, and research, and write an ordered, logical paper. I can do it, but I put it off as long as possible. I get distracted by more interesting articles than the one I am currently reading, on un-related topics that suddenly become fascinating to me. I have been known to switch paper topics two or three times before I'm done, often after doing quite a bit of the legwork. To work on one idea for weeks is a huge strain. I don't know how anyone ever writes a thesis or a dissertation. You have to focus for months, for years on the same thing.

I am going to go email my professor and see if any of the grab-bag of ideas I've got will make an acceptable topic.


Kitten Herder said...

This definitely lends credibility to to confession of attention deficit. (grin)

changejunkie said...

We're thinking of making our family motto "We have AD ---oooohhh, shiny!"