Thursday, July 17, 2008


WOW. 14 years ago, I had a baby boy. That single day event changed my life forever. And I can't tell you how glad that makes me.

Our son is a good kid, and he is becoming a good man. This summer has been an amazing burst of development for him. He is getting himself to day camp at a nearby university, by taking an MTA bus. He voluntarily got a haircut, told me when he needed new shoes, is helping me carry stuff so I don't stress my elbow, is making polite conversation when necessary, and in general is just more responsible. We can hang out together now, and actually enjoy each other's company.

He's taught me a lot: more patience, taking my time over things, stressing less about the little things, that time passes much faster than you can possibly realize, that the people around you need more than your presence, they need your participation, to give to the needy, respect the differences in how people's minds work, that people can surpise you. That you can love way more than you thought you could. That you can worry more than you thought you could. And that you can enjoy the detours way more than you thought you could.

Happy Birthday, little one.

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Kitten Herder said...

Happy Birthday, M!