Friday, July 25, 2008

big week coming up

We have a big week coming up at my house, or rather, NOT at my house. Our son goes to sleep away camp for the first time. He is spending a week in the dorms at Harvard, attending the New York Film Academy. He's going to be learning the basics of digital film-making. He is accompanied by his two best friends. One friend's parents are driving the boys up to camp, and my husband and I are picking them up and bringing them home.

I'm going to a conference in Boston on web 2.0 for higher ed. So we will be about half an hour away from our son. Work will pay for our hotel and travel, so it works out nicely. I'm looking forward to the conference. I haven't attended anything in my field in years. I did speak at one conference last year, but I only went for my talk, and left afterwards.

We love Boston, so my husband will find plenty to do while I am attending my sessions, and we'll have some time to wander around together in the evenings and on Thursday. Friday we are going to get together with old friends who live nearby. It will be great to catch up with them and hang out a bit.

Any travel is good. And a break from routine is even better!

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