Thursday, September 25, 2008

cynical SOB

McCain is one cynical SOB. Seriously. I thought his Palin pick was a cynical, manipulative move. But the latest -- let's suspend campaigning so I can go solve the financial crisis -- now that's CYNICAL. Does he really think folks will buy it? That his single voice is needed so badly in Congress, that he alone can pull people together, that he can't spare a couple of hours to debate?? WTF?? He doesn't have the answers, and he has shown he has no ability to build consensus. Hell, his own party doesn't even love him. WOW!!!

And he looked like the cat who ate the canary when announcing it. I could just see him thinking "checkmate" over his latest move. What a SOB!! There was a time, a few years ago, when I thought he wasn't so bad. He was a moderate, and one of the few voices in the Republican party to be in favor of abortion. Now, he is a panderer. No positions to speak of. He'd sell his mother to get in office.

How do people not see through this??


elsie said...

Well, hell, I *did* vote for him in the 2000 presidential primary, when the Republicans opened their Maryland primary to Independents. But I was voting for the veneer of The Maverick, which is now badly pitted and scratched, and through which we can see The Political Pragmatist. Bah ...

changejunkie said...

I think we fell for the *idea* of the maverick. Someone who votes his conscience regardless of party affiliation... So maybe Obama is the REAL maverick. We can hope, anyway.