Tuesday, September 02, 2008

family values

To me, family values include doing what's best for your child. Sometimes this means sacrificing your own goals and ambitions. This is why I cannot understand Sarah Palin. Why would this woman agree to run? Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, due to give birth in December. Sarah Palin will be out campaigning through November, and were she successful, would be taking office in January. Where she will not be, is home helping her daughter navigate a critical time in her young life.

And because of her political ambitions, her daughter will have to go through all of this while the whole world watches her. What kind of parent would put their child through something like that? How could she?

She is running as a family-values candidate. Evangelical, anti-abortion, pro-creationist, favoring abstinence education.

She needs to get her priorities in the right place. In a choice between personal ambition and the needs of your children -- the kids come first!!!

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Sue said...

I don't like to say that a woman can't do any job a man can do. I do think a woman can have it all. But I'm not sure she can have it all at once.

A pregnant 17 year-old daughter? A 5-month-old baby with Down's Syndrome? And three other kids to boot? And a job as vice-president? Really?

No matter how much her husband does, that roster is going to require two committed parents. I can't imagine how she would balance her considerable family and professional responsibilities -- I certainly couldn't do it.

As for her poor daughter, can you imagine the guilt trip if she hadn't taken McCain's offer? "I could have been vice-president if you hadn't gotten pregnant" -- yikes! And I feel sorry for the father of her daughter's baby, too: "marry our daughter or be the country's most famous dead-beat". Not an easy situation, no matter how you look at it...