Wednesday, March 26, 2008

do I have to separate you two??

I emailed the Democratic National Committee yesterday. I asked them to use their influence with Obama and Clinton to get them to STOP bickering and focus on defeating the Republicans. The problem is that neither one of them is willing to forgo their personal ambitions in order to present a united front in the election.

We have two promising candidates, and we could still lose to McCain, because our candidates are too busy tearing each other down to notice the opposition. A political analyst I saw on TV yesterday said that Clinton's only chance at winning is to "win ugly". That she can only come out on top if she pulls every dirty trick out of the bag to throw at Obama. If she does this, by the time the general election comes around, no one will have the stomach to vote Democratic. People will either stay home, sick of the whole process, or vote McCain.

Either way, we will lose out.

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Kitten Herder said...

While I voted for her, I'm now hoping that she gets whooped big time in PA and then sticks her tail between her legs to make nice with Obama. I'm seriously concerned about the fallout their feud is going to have on November. Sadly, the political differences between the two of them are so vague that they have to resort to personal attacks to try and differentiate themselves from each other. However, their really only differentiating themselves from McCain, someone with a moderate history who can afford to stick to the issues, even if he's avoiding the tough ones.