Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I went to the optician today. First time in ten years that I have had my eyes checked. Ten years ago, I had Lasik, correcting my life-long nearsightedness. Today, I discovered that one of my eyes is now near-sighted again, and one is far-sighted. This is why my drugstore reading glasses were giving me headaches... So, in ten days, I will have bifocals. Okay, nice modern bifocals with no tell-tale line through them... but bifocals.

Tomorrow, I go to the salon for a color touch-up and a haircut. My hair is mostly white now, so the color is being provided by modern chemistry.

I feel the same age I always have. I really do. But bifocals and hair color?? Time is definitely passing, whether I want to acknowledge it or not.


Susan said...

oh darlin' -- I feel your pain. Though I swear my hair is grayer under these many layers of hair dye than yours.


sister-in-law Sue

Kitten Herder said...

To quote The Stones: "What a drag it is getting older." Then again, it beats the alternative.

So far, I'm just going blind. I don't know whose hair genes I got, but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them. ... and, no, not a strand of an issue ... weird, huh?

changejunkie said...

I skipped gray entirely, and went straight to snow white. If I had more nerve, I would let it go natural and get a super short cut and go for the "militant grannie" look....but I haven't quite got the nerve for it. Maybe for my sixtieth birthday, I'll do it. And get a tattoo on my sagging skin.