Sunday, March 09, 2008

taking time out to hang out

This weekend was a wonderful reminder that it is important to take time out to just hang out. In the day to day grind, it is easy to lose track of yourself. You get immersed in the tasks at hand, focused on the next thing on the list.

On Friday, we got together for dinner with the parents of our son's two best friends. Over the last couple of years, we have become good friends in our own right. We ordered pizzas, cracked open a few bottles of wine, and just kicked back and relaxed. It was brief -- the boys were volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and finished up earlier than expected. We had to all cut our evening short to go pick up the kids. But the time we did get was great.

On Saturday night, I went out with the Orkney Road Girls, a small group of women who all live on Orkney Road. We get together sporadically, a few times a year, for food and conversation. There is something comforting and relaxing in the company of other women. This is a late realization in my life. I always believed I really didn't like women all that much, and preferred to hang with the guys. I have a few close women friends that I treasure, but I always figured they were exceptions to the rule.

I have to make more time for this, and less time for stress and chores and work.

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