Sunday, March 02, 2008

the universe has spoken

The universe has spoken. Our son did not get into Park School. He is fine, more than fine, with the news. He is happy where he is, and is happy to be staying with his friends at Baltimore Lab. He was a little put out, initially, but this was more from the blow to his ego than from the actual result.

I think my husband and I are having a harder time with it. We wanted that kind of experience for our son, and we wanted him to have those opportunities. I think we also wanted some tangible proof of his progress. Had he gotten in, we could have pointed to that and said "look how far he's come". He really has come so far, and accomplished so much more than we had hoped. But we have to trust our judgement on that, and not some outside third party, and we of course, are biased.

I think that we will look back on this and think it was a good thing. I think he's not done learning what Lab needs to teach him.

Still, its hard to take when someone rejects your child.

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Kitten Herder said...

Good attitude. Things happen for a reason and as they should.