Monday, June 02, 2008

status update

I got a 96 on my paper and an A in my Art/Mythology course. I have no idea how. I thought the paper was awful, and was counting on my presentation grade to pull me to a B or C....

My elbow is ulnar nerve neuritis. I have to have nerve conduction tests on Wednesday. This is not good news, nor is it terrible. It just sorta exists in short-term suckage...

The Spud, our wonderful son, graduates from 8th grade on Thursday. On to HIGH SCHOOL!!!

The weather has been beautiful. The spouse has been wonderful. Life is good, despite the bumps.

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Kitten Herder said...

Congratulations on the course grade. I think that you and I both have a tendency to by hypercritical of our expository writing. However, I think what we fail to remember when we are in the throes of the process is that, compared to the average student, even our half-efforts come off as gold.

As to your elbow, I had a friend who had your condition. She had surgery to move the nerve an inch or so to one side. The procedure did the trick. No more hand or wrist pain.

I hope they find a solution that you can abide by.