Saturday, February 02, 2008


This week is restaurant week in Baltimore. This is a good, good thing. During restaurant week, participating restaurants offer either a $30 fixed price dinner, or a $20 fixed price lunch, or both. This gives folks a chance to try places they might not otherwise try, and restaurants a chance to lure new customers. This time, we went with friends to Brasserie Tatin for lunch. Oh my.

Salade verte, Confit a la canard, tarte tatin. A nice wine. Wonderful. I watched our son try pate for the first time. He wasn't wowed, but he ordered it and made a good try. On the other hand, he said his steak frites made up for every bad meal he had ever had, it was that good. Our friend was quite happy with the salmon and couscous with leeks.

The restaurant was really lovely, and we will definitely go back. So once again, Restaurant Week has accomplished what it set out to do; wooed us and won us with good food.


Kitten Herder said...

Yum. How much would the meal have cost if it weren't for the fixed price promotion of Restaurant Week?

changejunkie said...

well, just my entree would have been $17 on the regular menu, so figure roughly double, or $40 a person for a 3 course meal with wine. Typically, we wouldn't do 3 courses for lunch, but it was a real bargain.