Wednesday, February 13, 2008

support Obama, but voted for Hillary

I found myself really stuck yesterday. I went to vote, and I really couldn't decide. In the end, I voted for Hillary, even though I support Obama. I then selected six Obama delegates.

It was sort of a promise fulfilled. When I was a little girl, it was the first time that little girls were told they could be anything they wanted. Even President. And that maybe in our lifetime we would see a woman run for President. At the time, the idea was snickered at. "Ladies can't be President!"

Well, there was a woman on the ballot. A qualified woman. All things being equal, and they really really are, I felt I had to cast that vote. I don't think Hillary will be the candidate for President, although she might end up as VP. So I might not get another chance for a while to vote for a woman. I can't see Mikulski throwing her hat in the ring, I can't stand Pelosi, and I don't envision a republican getting my vote unless things change very dramatically in that party.

So, in honor of the little girl that I was, and knowing it made not one whit of difference to the results in my state, I voted for Hillary. It was a symbolic, albeit futile, gesture.

Now, GO OBAMA!!!

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