Monday, February 20, 2006

life altering cash

I read today that someone won the $365 million dollar Powerball lottery. 1 single winner. It got me thinking about what a "life altering" amount of cash would be. Oddly, its not much. My life would change dramatically with $150,000. That would pay for the next six years of my son's tuition. It would free me to take a lower paying job if I wanted to, or travel more, or buy a vacation home. My life would change dramatically with $75,000. Same thing. I would only have to pay half the tuition each year, freeing up $12,500 for travel, home improvements, a slew of dinners out and movies seen.

could I alter my life with $40,000? Hell yes. could I alter it with $20,000? hell, yes.

Now, could I alter it with no more cash? If I really think about it, the answer has to be yes. I could alter my life as dramatically with no cash, as with cash. The money just makes the transformation easier.

food for thought.

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cl-sandy said...

Heck, the home equity loan we just took has been somewhat life-altering. It has reduced debt payments by 50% and made it possible to FINALLY start the process of redoing my bathroom!