Thursday, February 02, 2006

sweaty boogie, dirty funk and other marvels of the universe

Some fundamentalists ban dancing because they fear it will lead to immoral thoughts and behaviour. Their fear is misplaced. They should fear the music.

There are people who approach music intellectually, and those who approach it spiritually. There are those that don't approach it at all. And then there's me. For me music is visceral. I have to feel it. And nothing does that like a little sweaty boogie, or some good old dirty funk. Gimme a whisky and cigarettes soaked blues belter, with a little piano, some electric guitar, and I'm in heaven. Well okay, somewhere farther south, with my mind in the gutter and the rest of me soon to follow.


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cl-sandy said...

I think part of the reason that the fundamentalist Xian sects don't ban music is because of the plethora of beautiful hymns that exist. They are quite willing to tell you that the music YOU listen to, because it can stir one to dance, is just as sinful as dancing itself.

Yes, the most powerful emotions can be evoked by music. Even though I am not French, the Marsellaise can stir me (recall the scene from Casablanca).