Tuesday, February 07, 2006

mom moments

I am under specific instructions to never talk about my son. These instructions, of course, come from my son. Apparently he lives in fear that I will embarass him by hinting that he hasn't always been the mature eleven year old he is now, or I might reveal what he likes or doesn't like, or indicate that we are related in some way.

I have always had a hard time following instructions. Especially now. I am having lots more MOM highs and MOM lows recently. My son recently told me, unprompted mind you, that no one could have a better mom than he does. He wasn't in trouble, and he didn't even want anything. I felt like I won the Nobel prize.

On the other hand, he made me turn off the radio again when we got to school this morning. We usually have to sit in the car outside school for 5-10 minutes in the morning, waiting for the doors to open. He is apparently deathly afraid that someone might hear me sing along with the radio, or god forbid, see me move with the music. Even with the windows rolled up, and tinted glass.

I know my parents were a huge embarassment to me. But, well, they're embarassing. I'm one of the cool moms. Right?

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