Monday, February 13, 2006

my week for learning stuff

This is my week for learning stuff.

Things like:
  • you are never too old to want a snow day
  • lots of snow is infinitely better than a little snow
  • no one can make you feel better, or worse, than your kid
  • ...except sometimes, your spouse
  • laying around doing nothing makes you hungry
  • ...for chips and cookies
  • the olympics can be amazing, if you ignore the announcers
  • living within walking distance of stores and restaurants is good
  • nobody looks good in snow gear
  • one I actually have met
  • don't go hunting with Dick Cheney


Kitten Herder said...

Your observations ring SO true.

I am a foodie. Plain and simple. Why do we never get a craving for an apple, some carrots, fat free cottage cheese, or equally healthy food? And why, when you crave an unhealthy food, do you never crave "just a little ...". For example: "Three Enteman's chocolate chip cookies would do me just fine." This statement could NEVER come out of my mouth.

David said...

How about this fact, robin. When you eat fatty foods, your body sends a signal to eat more of that. Isn't that some BS!!